Zhejiang, a woman for weight loss drugs do not know they have twins in November 7th, Zhejiang, Yiwu, an apartment for a woman to lose weight, but do not know they have twins. Recently, the Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau police based on the clues in a temple in the apartment and arrested a woman drug. The woman surnamed Huang, Sichuan, beautiful and high-grade work in the garage, and her boyfriend rented in Yiwu city. Huang explained that he started taking drugs from 2016 to May, about the causes of drug addiction, it is because her boyfriend to abandon their chubby, listen to the drug absurd rumors to lose weight. She started taking drugs with her boyfriend, and both of them became addicted to drugs. From May until the end of October the first drug was arrested, after a total of five drug addicts. October 20th found alvine fall pain, a lot of blood flow to the hospital, found herself pregnant, twins. The doctor told her that the child is likely to lose. Was arrested that night, the police learned that Hwang is pregnant, once again with Hwang to the hospital and found that the child has been aborted. At present, Hwang has been released on bail.相关的主题文章: