Zhejiang police seized 140 mobile phone SMS trojan virus – hidden money cheat Beijing Beijing September 20 Taizhou Xinhua (reporter He Jiangyong correspondent Chen Shuqian) a month ago, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, Wenling police back to a production and sale of mobile phone Trojan cheat money suspect Panmou from Guangxi to Binyang, the scene seized fake photos, drawings, school paper and other crimes with mobile phone Trojan 140. 20 days, reporters from the Wenling Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed that the suspect Panmou suspicion of fraud has been arrested procuratorate. "Wang Moumou, this is your child’s school during all aspects of the comprehensive score……" "You drive a certain brand of motor vehicles in the national highway line is not wearing a seat belt three minutes, pictures can be linked to the image", "Li Moumou, I should be so, you help me to see this person is still living next door to you? I have a financial dispute with him. I can’t find him now……". Friends around you received this message? The link in the message hidden mobile phone Trojan, once opened, your mobile phone will be controlled, mail list and ID card, bank card may be stolen, even the bank sent you the verification code will be intercepted Trojans, bank card funds are no longer safe. In May 9th this year, Zhejiang citizens Mr. Zhang reported that he received with a Trojan virus mobile phone text messages, click this link to view that children learn at school, Mr. Zhang after the point, mobile phone poisoning, his bank account information was stolen and the shopping card consumption loss more than 80 thousand. Followed by a phase, similar to the case of stolen mobile phones in the phone after a high incidence of Trojans, Wenling City Public Security Bureau received a report of more than and 50 cases. In response to this situation, the Wenling Municipal Public Security Bureau to Mr. Zhang in the event of a Trojan horse as an entry point to start the investigation, and quickly set up a task force. The investigation, found the suspect committing the crime with the domain name, email, mobile phone number to Guangxi Binyang, but the other side is very cunning, all the registration information is false, and through a variety of means to hide their true identity. The sly Fox also escaped the hunter, police task force four times to Guangxi Nanning, at a time is two weeks, found all kinds of mobile phone trojan of every hue point in one suspect Panmou, but Panmou had been hiding in a village in Binyang, it is easy to catch anything act rashly and alert the enemy. August 12th, when the police took advantage of it when they were arrested in a hotel in Nanning, and seized a computer with the crime on the spot. Computer memory with Panmou used to sell all kinds of mobile phone Trojan, in evidence of iron, Panmou only confessed to their crimes. (end)相关的主题文章: