Zheng Shuang Dongyu Zhou Guan Xiaotong Yang Zi, 90 small artistes PK [Abstract] the "90 little star, is the female star in this year’s mid year assessment. Eight I know miss you, is the most understand the female children’s entertainment! The entertainment is now is the title title everywhere, a wave of Goddess male god, national XX Akira eyes blind users. Recently, there is a list of freshly baked, this is the "90 four small artistes". It is said that the "little star" award ticket rate for online voting *30%+ media turnout *70% formula, candidate list has 13 90 female star competition. The top four votes were Zheng Shuang, Dongyu Zhou, and, and the other. The results of the selection, immediately aroused widespread controversy. For example, acting has not been sure of Zheng Shuang, the vote was leading the way, as well as the potential dark horse into the semi-finals Guan Xiaotong, this year to participate in the college entrance examination is the most tepid. The most important thing is the four age difference, Zheng Shuang, Yang Zi, and the age of the basic difference between the age of 5 and more than the age of, so put together, but also can not help but let the people vote on the authority of the extent of questioning the degree of. But miss understand that these votes are a certain degree of test of the true popularity of female stars. Miss understand on the night of the "90 four small artistes acting vote that Zheng Shuang led the way, almost three votes in the vote total in many micro-blog users comments, Yang Zicai is four in acting school". Can be seen, these votes can not really say that the individual’s acting really good, but only a net friend of the female star of the affirmative. Eight a deep understand miss their works, the four were found with small artistes title is not accidental. The four men are not included in national of female star, really is not a tiny bit higher. In four, Guan Xiaotong and Yang Zi’s child, Dongyu Zhou debut "blessing girl" of the title, Zheng Shuang’s "go to a meteor shower" is opening the domestic idol drama serious precedent, awareness of users, the four are the way ahead. Dongyu Zhou "under the Hawthorn Tree" (TV version of the film version of Yang Zi Guan Xiaotong Zheng Shuang) "meteor shower" in this year is just in their works, these works directly, let them have a lot of exposure. "Zheng Shuang smiled," very little of Yang Zi’s "Ode to joy" and "Yun Zhi" is a high degree of popular popular works. These works for them to accumulate enough topic and awareness, but also laid a solid foundation for them to become small artistes. Dongyu Zhou’s "sparrow" although just launched this year, but she and Shawn Yue participate in the variety show "we love", also to a certain extent, she has accumulated numerous popularity. Equally popular topics on the popularity of Guan Xiaotong. Although she is "good" this year, "Mr. Kyushu sky" in the works, blessing the full, but really let her topic burst table, or the college entrance examination Curve Wrecker title and Nortel new identity. In contrast, Zhang Xueying and her enrollment over the same period, because there is no explosion of popular works, is just a little bit worse. In this regard, Guan Xiaotong can be described as a catch.相关的主题文章: