Zhenjiang is a boy received more than 80 thousand yuan compensation to draw a scar to identify Xu right eye scar is very light, but basically can not see Xu in 2015 May to accept the judicial identification, eye "Scar" is obvious in August 2014, occurred ordinary traffic accident in Zhenjiang city of Danyang, a man driving hit a bike ride to the head and facial and hand etc. Multiple abrasions and soft tissue injuries. 16 year old cyclist in 2015 to compensate for the matter will be insured for the insured vehicle accident to the court, the court then commissioned the Danyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine forensic identification of injury. In order to get nearly 80 thousand yuan of compensation, in the identification process, involved in the matter of cattle "MicroHand thrush", making the identification of personnel that scar up to 13 cm in conclusion, thus identified as ten disabled". Incident to do before the identification of traffic accident disability makeup had to start with the identification of the matter in May 7, 2015. According to the modern express reporter on acquiring the materials, including police investigation records, the identification of the parties including Danyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine forensic forensic, two traffic accident victims, local legal workers Xu Huang, insurance company of Danyang branch staff Lee and Xu’s brother-in-law. At that time by the Danyang City People’s court according to the Complaint Commission identification, whether to constitute ten disability. Identification process has been identified by the police cheating. The day is Huang drive with Xu Huang met in the car, Huang to Xu made a careful look "". In the public security record, Hwang said, this is because he found Xu face wound healing is better, it is impossible to identify, for which he came up with a solution. "I was in the little guy at the brow and a few strokes with a thumb nail, little guy at the brow I draw red, the color deepened the wound." And Xu recalled the time, said Hwang hands holding a black pencil like core thing, after about 1 minutes wipe. Xu found that the place is particularly large, particularly disgusting, especially ugly, even before I was injured when the black, but also large." Identification of "did not expect the other side will cheat on October 17th afternoon, the modern express reporter came to the Danyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, saw the hospital director Lu Guoqun and vice president of judicial identification. He said, according to the road traffic accident injury disability assessment, the national standard, facial scar length to reach 10 cm or more, it constitutes a level of disability of ten. And now look back, when the actual scar is not so long, it should not be ten levels of disability. It is understood that the appraisal report issued by the identification of said in a strip scar injured at the brow, length 13 cm. Lu Guoqun said: "in his scar on the brow, estimated using a fake yellow pigment, the wound to extend down the brow!" He said, this thing is "gutter capsize", this is actually a very simple identification, was the first identification of the facility is surnamed Chen forensic, he is the second person identification, they did not expect the other party will use deception. Coupled with the time is in the room, the light has a certain impact, so that they can not detect each other using a make-up means. "This is a matter for me.相关的主题文章: